Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cream Cheese Pizza Crust (C1)

This is a great alternative to the cauliflower crust pizza! So much easier to make, lots less prep time, etc.

The only modification to the recipe is in Cycle 1, use fat free cream cheese. In Cycle 3, you can use reduced fat cream cheese.

For the full recipe and instructions: No Dough Cream Cheese Pizza Crust on's website.


  1. It's wonderful!!! I made it the other night and goodness it really hit the spot. It's not a crispy crust, but if you like the thick crust pizzas that are a bit softer, you will definitely enjoy this! It can also be cut up into small squares to be used as a snack during the day -- put tuna or something else on, much the same you would with crackers!